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9-Ball POOL

There’s also an exciting format of the game known as nine-ball pool. As the name suggests, the game is played with just nine balls. The objective is to pot each consecutive ball based on its number. So, starting at one and ending with nine. The winner is the player that legally pots the nine-ball once all others are down.

Here’s a brief explanation. We provide diamond racks, so why not give it a try?

£8.00 per hour


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English pool is usually played with the traditional red and yellow balls on a 6ft or 7ft table with green cloth. This is the most popular form of Pool in the UK and is very popular with league players in the UK. We ensure our pool tables are maintained to the highest quality to give the perfect surface for players of all levels of ability.

£6.00 per hour


Open and licensed every day from 12noon - 11pm

10 Premium Snooker Tables

4 American Pool Tables

​​​​​​​7 English Pool Tables

​​​​​​​Food served daily


Come and join us at Huddersfield original Snooker Club founded in 1979, we are famous for our family friendly environment, superb tables and wonderful homecooked food. Special deals on table hire, food and drinks are available all year round.

Top Spot is a great place for Staff Parties, Children’s Parties, Catered Functions, Networking and much much more.

We offer flexible booking facilities for groups of 8 or more, so you can either book a couple of tables or the whole club the choice is yours.

Let us know if you want us to cater for your event and we can prepare a menu to suit your needs.

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At Top Spot Snooker Club, we welcome all players of all levels, so whether you’re a first-timer or want to get back on the old green baize, Top Spot Snooker Club is the perfect place in Huddersfield for you. The game of Snooker can be played for the social aspect or at a more competitive level.

Snooker is known for its quiet and its patience and once you get playing, you’ll find you are hooked for life. Check out our fantastic Offers below.

£7.00 per hour


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10% Discount on ALL drinks

10% Discount on table hire

Not applicable with any other table offers



3-4-2 on Snooker, Pool

and American Pool, ALL day EVERY day.

4 hours Multi-table only £20

All-day, EVERY day


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Haighs Farm Shop Award Winning Pork Pie

Portion of Chips

Huge Chip Butty (on white teacake)

Portion of Chips with a mountain of melted cheese

2 Slices Toast and Butter

Bubbling Grilled Cheese On Toast

Haighs Farm Shop 1/4lb Beef Burger & Chips

Haighs Farm Shop 1/2lb Beef Burger & Chips

Haighs Farm Shop 1/4lb Cheese Burger & Chips

Add Bacon for 50p extra

Haighs Farm Shop 1/2lb Cheese Burger & Chips

Add Bacon for 50p extra

3 Breaded Golden Chicken Strips

6 Breaded Golden Chicken Strips

Chicken Sandwich

Spicy ‘Peri-Peri’ Burger


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At Top Spot our American pool tables are easy to spot, they are larger with multi-coloured cloths and the balls have stripes and spots instead of the traditional English reds and yellows. You could also play the eight-ball version of the game, which is very popular in America. The rules can vary but it often depends on what you agree with your pals.

£8.00 per hour